Various boards, treasurers, portfolio managers, and managers of housing corporations daily break their brains about strategic issues concerning the transition of real estate, optimal loan portfolios, social contributions or a merger. But also determining the impact of a change in energy label on costs and enjoyment of living or determining an acceptable return on (social) spending appears to be quite complicated.

It is complicated. Especially since the relevant data sources (internal and external) are stored everywhere and nowhere - in many tools and Excel models - in a kind of "black box". A data struggle. It is precisely that cry (from our customers but also from our consultants) for a workable and comprehensive tool that has led us to develop something beautiful and modern with a passionate team of Improven consultants and OCS data specialists. DeSI! OCS-dataspecialisten iets prachtigs en moderns ontwikkeld hebben. DeSI!

The name originated from the merger of Decision Support Improved… DeSI. One accessible solution in the cloud with which you make smart choices, based on data and on as many cross-sections as necessary. The tooling runs within robust and reliable software from SAS.